Best Pet Gift Ideas for the Holidays in 2023, Like POOPH

Best Pet Gift Ideas for the Holidays in 2023, Like POOPH

If you're wondering where the time has gone and want to avoid the chaos of last-minute shopping, you can start planning your lists for the holidays. We've looked at physical stores and various websites to create a nice selection of presents. All you need to do now is start wrapping. From POOPH Odor and Stain Eliminator to fetch balls and cat trees, discover the top gift ideas for the holiday season.

1     Why POOPH Is a Great Gift

POOPH Odor Eliminator

When the time comes to give a present to anybody who owns a pet, you simply cannot go wrong with the powerful POOPH spray. Countless testimonials indicate that the pet odor remover is indeed effective, thanks to its efficient combination of water as a solvent, surfactants, and other natural ingredients working together. POOPH is used to manage odor on various surfaces, including waste treatment centers, landfills and recycling facilities. It works on all organic aromas and is completely SAFE for people, pets and the planet. Animal lovers may also appreciate similar POOPH products made to combat the stink of kitty litter and skunk, as well as lawn, garden & turf.

2     Tug of War Toys

Engaging in an old fashioned game of tug of war with your dog is a great way to fulfill their need for physical exercise, regardless of whether you can go outside or not. This game also helps canines understand boundaries and rules, especially during their teething phase when they tend to nip. Playing tug of war can also be a valuable tool in teaching your dog the "drop it" command. Both puppies and adult dogs get to fulfill their natural instinct to tug, while preventing undesirable habits, like eating Daddy’s shoes.

3     Fetch Toys

If you are a dog owner, you’re most likely familiar with an obsession of playing fetch. No matter how many times you throw a ball, frisbee or plushie, dogs always come back for more. To satisfy their cravings, look for a tough rubber one that can withstand even the toughest chewing, and still be ready for another game. It should be lightweight and waterproof, making it perfect for playing in any environment, whether that’s in your house, on the grass or even in the snow.

4      Cat Tree

When it comes to felines, they almost always appreciate a nice cat tree. It's important to choose one that’s nice and tall (4 to 6 feet), with well-staggered platforms. This allows your pet to exercise by moving from one stage to another and gives them a quality stretch. Most buyers prefer ones that are covered in long-lasting durable carpet, rather than fleece or plain wood. It doesn’t hurt to look for cat trees that come with scratching posts and spacious perches for sleeping and playing. Don’t forget to use POOPH to deodorize your kitten’s cat trees every so often.

5      Cat Tunnel Bed 

If you're looking for a versatile toy for your furry friend, you may want to consider getting them a bed that doubles up as a play tunnel. It's purr-fect for pets that enjoy burrowing and hiding, providing them with a cozy space to take a nap or play around. Meanwhile, the added dangling toys at the entrance gives them something to keep them entertained. If you have two energetic kittens, they'll likely have a blast chasing each other through this multi-purpose toy.

Thankfully POOPH is here to help keep all of these toys nice, clean and STINK FREE! POOPH Odor and Stain Eliminator instantly fights off all organic smells and gets rid of unsightly blotches. Our Kitty Litter Odor Eliminator and Kitty Litter Box Saver are specially formulated for the unique stink that only comes from our feline friends and their funky litter boxes. And don’t forget our Pet Odor Eliminator Laundry Additive to freshen up your pet’s bed, blanket and toys.


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