2023's Best Halloween Costumes for Pets

2023's Best Halloween Costumes for Pets

What could be more adorable than precious dogs and cats dressing up for Halloween? Many owners can’t wait to dress up their canine and feline companions in memorable outfits, from TV personalities and comic book heroes to chocolatey desserts. Let’s take a look at some of the most pawsitively loveable Halloween costumes for your beloved pets.

A Tyrannosaurus rex costume is sure to make your pet roar with excitement. 

It’s no secret that our pets possess superpowers, so why not show them off?!


And remember, our pets don't need to be from Krypton to be everyday heroes.

Your pet can be Daenerys' missing dragon from Game of Thrones.

Three heads, four paws, and a world of magic awaits!

Dream big! Never let anyone tell you you're not scary.


Peter Pan and Tinker Bell
Visit the faraway place Wonderland. Just keep an eye out for Captain Hook.

Barbie & Ken
Dress up your precious dog or cat like the childhood classic toys in pink, Barbie. 


Crazy Cat Lady
Make sure kitty is looking her best this year with hair rollers.


Mister Rogers
Won’t you be my neighbor!


Super Mario
"Come play with Luigi and I as we rescue the Princess."


Cowboy and Cowgirl
There can be a new sheriff in town to celebrate Halloween in the Wild West. 


Angry Peacock
This evil-looking bird is plotting his revenge.


Rocking Horse
Neptune is beautiful with his fancy saddle, along with flowers in his mane and tail.

Teddy Bear
Give your pet a charming head piece with polka dot ears and moving arms.

Prince or Princess
Does your dog or cat act like a magical fairy princess around the house? 


Snow White and Prince Charming
Revisit the musical fantasy about the timeless beauty and her royal heartthrob.


Queen of Hearts
This year, visit Alice in Wonderland to collect the best Halloween treats. 

Rock Star
Whether it’s Elvis or a member of ZZ Top, make your pet a wild rock star draped in leather, spiked hair and vivid tattoos. 


Go Fish
Take your pets out on a fishing expedition for candy.


Willy Wonka
Find a Golden Ticket to win a special visit the chocolate factory.

A delicious S'mores costume will make your furry friend look irresistibly adorable. 

Eat More Chicken
Why did your cute pet cross the road? To get more Halloween candy! 

Pumpkin Spice
It's a soft plush jack-o-lantern design with coordinating pumpkin cap.

Cotton Candy
What could be a sweeter treat for Halloween?


Genie and Abu
This pair of corgis is ready to go trick-or-treating through the desert.

Meet the famous personality Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel.

When creating or buying your costume, comfort and convenience come into play, along with style. But safety is always rule Number One. Make sure everything fits well and doesn’t restrict air flow or body movement.

Get rid of any small parts, like bells on a hat, that could easily fall off and become a choking hazard. Once you have all of your bases covered, Halloween is about bonding and having fun for every member of your household, even the four-legged trick-or-treaters. 

Also keep POOPH handy for those extra tough stains, messes, and odors. Your furry spooky friend will thank you! 


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