5 Best Uses of POOPH

5 Best Uses of POOPH

POOPH takes “stink” out of the equation. Unlike enzymatic formulas that work slowly and leave their own aromas behind, POOPH products smell like NOTHING! The formula can be used on any type of surface, from pet hair and beddings to carpets and car seats. POOPH is clear, odorless, and stain free! The amazing product is completely safe for pets, people, plants, and the planet. From wet dog to kitty litter, unpleasant scents will be gone in no time with POOPH!

1     STINKY Pets!

Do you have a labrador retriever that likes to jump into the pool, or a French bulldog that loves to roll in the mud? Cats get awful stinky too, as do hamsters and gerbils. Fortunately for all types of pet owners, POOPH was specifically engineered to fight off smells at their source.

2     Eliminate Long Lasting Odors

No longer do you have to worry about your crazy dog Charlie revisiting the same spot on the carpet or the neighbor’s cat Marley returning to the scene of the crime on the sofa. Pooph successfully removes stench at its source, ensuring immediate and long-standing freshness. It is fabulous for kennels, pet carriers and bird cages.

3     Deodorize Beds and Toys

Oftentimes, pet mattresses and knicknacks get a bit funky. Not everything can be tossed into a washing machine. Besides, who has time to do a load every few hours? All you need is a little POOPH to make a teddy bear nice and clean. POOPH is SAFE for your family, pets, plants, and everything in your home too! So you don’t have to worry about toxins, or harsh chemicals in your home.

4     Fight Off the Odor of Kitty Litter!

Our feline friends tend to get stinky. Simply spray Pooph around your sandbox to extend the life of the kitty litter. Pooph absorbs and traps up to 30 times its own weight for urine or 100 times its own weight for water. Pooph was designed to have no effect on the clumping of the litter.

5     Gift Giving

Whether it’s to bring to your mother’s house on Thanksgiving or to get some early shopping done for the holidays next month, Pooph always makes a wonderful present. Both pet owners and their friends can always freshen up their living space.

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