5 Tricks to Stop Cats from Marking their Territory

5 Tricks to Stop Cats from Marking their Territory

Our beloved kitties are going to have accidents

Despite our best efforts to litter train them and try various behavioral tricks, our cats still go through a phase of claiming their space that wreaks havoc on our homes. This is a natural way for them to claim a space as their own and to send messages to other animals in the area. For example, they might be telling potential intruders to stay away or letting other cats know that they are ready to find a mate. Unfortunately, this habit of declaring their territory can become a problem when our feline friends decide to do it in inappropriate places, like our favorite rugs or furniture. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps you can take to solve the problem, like using POOPH products.

1      USE POOPH!

Do you love your cat but hate the smell of their litter box? Say GOODBYE to unpleasant odors and extend the life of your cat's litter box with POOPH Kitty Litter Box Saver. This powerful and absorbent powder additive saves you time and money by reducing the need to scoop frequently and throw away unused litter due to the stink. Simply sprinkle some into the litter box before your cat goes, and let POOPH's unique odor molecule dismantling technology do the rest. 

POOPH doesn’t stop there, as the brand’s Kitty Litter Odor Eliminator spray is widely regarded as the MOST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION for eliminating unpleasant scents caused by your cat's waste. What sets POOPH apart from other products is the fact it is odorless, and it DOES NOT rely on chemicals or perfumes to mask the smell. POOPH is capable of neutralizing and preventing aromas that might attract your cat to repeatedly use the same area.

POOPH Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator is a top-selling pet odor and stain eliminator that is leading the market. This innovative product uses a non-toxic, mineral-based formula to remove stinks quickly and effectively. It is designed to purify the area and eliminate all types of smells and germs. Cleaning with POOPH is a breeze as it works instantly. Plus, it is completely safe for both people and pets, as well as environmentally friendly. For added convenience, Pooph is also available in a travel-friendly 2oz bottle.

2      Keep Outside Cats Away

Ensure that your indoor feline feels like the only one in the world. You can always place motion sensors outside the house, as well as obstruct specific windows to prevent your pet from catching sight or scent of outside cats beyond the reach of the motion sensor deterrents. Some owners use wax paper on particular windows to restrict visibility when their cat can still see other animals outside.

3      Encourage Body Rolling

Get your cat to engage in body rolling behavior. One trick is to use dried catnip. Rolling a feline’s bodies in specific locations will naturally leave their mark, which has been known to help pet owners replace urine. 

4      Stimulate Cats’ Hunting Instinct

Encourage your cat to play in the areas where they have been urinating by using a wand toy. This will help shift their mindsets from being anxious and stake their claims to feeling Confident and Engaged in hunting.

5      Strategically Place Food

To change your cat's association with making potty on your property, try placing their food in the areas where they have been going. Cats tend to keep their eating and urine areas separate, so this can help discourage the naughty behavior.

Keep in mind that marking their territory is a natural behavior for cats. Your pets are not misbehaving or intentionally trying to get under your skin. They are simply reacting to their natural instincts in the current environment. Besides, there’s nothing to worry about. POOPH and Kitty Litter Odor Eliminator have you covered.

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