Fun Facts about Black Friday!

Fun Facts about Black Friday!

There’s nothing quite as exciting as setting your alarm for 5am on Black Friday to get that LED 4K TV for only $60! Yup, it's that special time to find the latest and greatest gifts for the holidays, like POOPHLet’s take a good look at some historical tidbits about Black Friday. 

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1)     In 2022 alone, a whopping $9 billion dollars were spent online for Black Friday deals. 

2)    Black Friday isn't the busiest shopping day of the year. The Saturday before Christmas sees more action.

3)    On Black Friday, most shoppers will wait in line for more than 2 hours. Doh!

4)    The average shopper spends approximately $1,000 every Black Friday.

5)    Black Friday has gone global with more than fifteen nations celebrating a shopping spree at the end of November. 

So what will people spend their hard earned money on? Statistically speaking, most consumers will get a hold of electronics, clothes, shoes, jewelry and toys on the widely celebrated day after Thanksgiving. Don’t forget just how wonderful POOPH products are for people, pets and the planet. 

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