POOPH Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator

POOPH Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator

POOPH takes the stink out of the equation!

POOPH Odor & Stain Eliminator

You’ve probably seen the TV spots and heard the name by now. But maybe you are not familiar with POOPH Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator and how much the product has to offer.

Whether you are a single pet-owner or part of an enormous family of dogs, cats and hamsters, POOPH offers multiple benefits. Not only does it go to work instantly, POOPH is safe for people, pets and the planet. You never have to worry about stains either.

What exactly is POOPH? The powerful pet odor & stain eliminator is a healthy blend of micro-nutrients that breaks down the odor. There are no perfumes or chemicals of any kind to “cover up” any problem. You can easily use POOPH on pets by spraying it on a towel and wiping them down. 

POOPH can be used to combat organic odors on any type of surface, from soft bed linens to concrete driveways. Spraying a little into the carpet or on the baseboard that a dog urinated on allows it to break down the molecular bond that creates the nasty smell. You can even put it right on the animal.

Add POOPH to the couch, cushions and beds to fight off any and all aromas. It also works wonders on rugs and carpets, as well as hard wood floors. No longer will a visitor walk into your home and think, “This place smells like a STINKYdog or cat pee.”

For over a decade, this formula has played a crucial role in eliminating the overwhelming stench that afflicted North America's landfills, recycling plants, wastewater treatment centers, and various industrial facilities. Now this exclusive formula is made available to pet owners and the public through POOPH.

Customers turn to POOPH to eliminate foul odors from a wide range of surfaces, including concrete driveways, garden beds, carpets, sofa fabric, towels, car seats, clothes, and everything in between. POOPH contains no harsh chemicals and is gentle on all types of surfaces.

POOPH Odor & Stain Eliminator is available in large 32oz, 20oz and full gallon bottles, along with a 32oz Concentrated refill. You can also pick up a convenient 2oz travel size bottle. This smaller option is ideal for when you are on the road. That way, you can quickly remove all of that dirty dog scent in your car after leaving the park. You can say goodbye to all of the paw prints on your car seats too.

POOPH is amazing!

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