Real Users,  Real Results

Real Users, Real Results

“Hi there! No pun intended, but holy POOPH! This stuff is beyond amazing! I always see these type products advertised all over the place, and shamefully most of them get me, but EVERY TIME, they FAIL!

It's always a waste of money, time, and work. I cannot even begin to tell you the situation we've gotten ourselves into trying to help a friend, but our house did not smell good! I literally got my order yesterday, and I went spraying. First of all, the POOPH spray bottle is great! Second, I used almost the entire bottle on the house, spraying everywhere! Finally, third, I'm here, writing you this email, because I've just placed a second order for two MORE bottles of POOPH for our house for FUTURE use! POOPH works SO well, that we cannot even smell not one single particle of nasty smelling stuff! As a matter of fact, we can't smell anything. Not only is the bad smell gone, but they're all gone! It's amazing! I watched the video in the advertisement over and over, thinking there is no way he sprayed straight ammonia on that cloth! Then, as I was spraying everything, and I realized I didn't smell anything, I even thought to myself, what if this is just water, and we've all been had? But, NOPE! I am seriously IN SHOCK! Your product actually, for real, no crap, no pun, no joke, absolutely, without a doubt, WORKS!!! Please, do NOT go out of business! Seriously, how do I buy more in a larger quantity?” 

POOPH Odor Eliminator

Lauren B.
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