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POOPH Litterizer 16oz

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Cats hate litter box stink as much as you do. But with POOPH LitterizerTM you can say goodbye to litter box stink forever! Just sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons of POOPH LitterizerTM directly onto your clean litter, and your litter box won't even get a chance to stink! POOPH LitterizerTM works instantly to absorb urine and odor AND WON'T LET IT GO!

POOPH LitterizerTM is the Litter Box Civilizer! 

  • Absorbs and traps up to 83X its own volume in water!
  • POOPH Litterizer TM sucks up all the wetness and odor within seconds!
  • POOPH Litterizer TM helps keep your home stink free, giving your cat the privacy they deserve.
  • Used in top equestrian centers for decades to help keep the stalls clean, dry, and sanitary.

 Also great for ANY pet cage or environment.  



Sprinkle and mix in 2-3 Tablespoons of POOPH LitterizerTM into a fresh litter box filled with your favorite cat litter. Apply another few sprinkles after each scooping or as required to keep your kitty’s business private and undetectable! Do Not Flush. Absorption rate varies by time and temperature.



CAUTION: Not for pet or human consumption. Use only as directed. In case of ingestion or contact with eyes, flush with water. If irritation develops, consult a physician.

CONTAINS: Sodium Polyacrylate, Cuprous Iodide, Iodine