Frequently Asked Questions about POOPH

What is Rush Processing?

Priority processing is not priority shipping. Priority processing ensures your order is one of the first ones to ship out. Normal delivery time is about 3 weeks while priority processing cuts down that time to 5-8 business days. priority processing is not priority shipping *Please note business days does not include weekends or major holidays.


Is this water??

This is not water.  We promise. The US government confirmed it. Our secret formula is a blend of micro nutrients that when sprayed on stinky things, breaks down the molecular bond creating the odor. Yes, it TASTES and SMELLS like water (please don't drink it) but it is NOT water.


Why isn't there any fragrance?

A better question is, "Why does everything else HAVE fragrance?"   The answer is pretty simple: If your formula can't actually get rid of the odor because your formula doesn't work, you add fragrance to "cover up" the stink. It's a trick. POOPH is so effective, we didn't add any fragrances because we have nothing to hide. Plain and simple.


I tried it, why didn't it work?

POOPH's science WORKS. There are a few reasons why when you sprayed POOPH, the odor didn't go away. POOPH WILL work as long as 3 things happen:

1) The source of the odor is organic. (Organic means relating to or derived from living matter. An easy way to look at it is asking the question "was it once alive?", if the answer is yes, it's probably organic). POOPH only works on organic materials. It will not get rid of odors created by in-organic materials (not from living matter) like artificial chemicals. 
2) POOPH didn't get in contact with the SOURCE of the odor.  POOPH breaks down the molecular bond which creates odors. But in order to do so, it has to come into contact with those molecules. Sometimes the source of the odor is hard to reach. For example, urine in carpets can seep down into multiple layers underneath, sometimes even into the base wood. To get rid of the odor, POOPH will need to get all the way down through those layers.

3) There are more odor molecules than POOPH molecules. POOPH works at a molecule to molecule ratio. All odors are different and some odors are more concentrated. If you have 10 molecules of odor, then you need 10 molecules of POOPH to get rid of it. If you sprayed POOPH and the odor is organic and you are sure you reached all of it, it means the odor has more molecules than you might have thought. Just add more POOPH!